In Conversation With The Red Bull Skydive Team

In collaboration with the Red Bull Skydive Team, SPECT Eyewear has developed a signature sunglass. The engraved Skydive logo on the lens is the distinguishing feature of this Signature Edition. True to the motto "Designed to perform", RAZE is a sophisticated sports eyewear for a wide range of sports. Marco Waltenspiel and Marco Fürst from the Red Bull Skydive Team explain to us what was particularly important to them. 


What do you look for in your equipment?

Our lives depend on our equipment - logically, it is extremely important for us that we can rely on our equipment. We can't afford any mistakes in the air and we expect the same from the material we use.


How did the partnership with Red Bull SPECT Eyewear come about?

We first came into contact with SPECT Eyewear in 2017 through our shared proximity to Red Bull. We got to know the team in Graz and were able to see for ourselves what technologies are in the products. Then it was quickly clear to us that we wanted to work with SPECT Eyewear. For more than three years we tested different Red Bull SPECT eyewear and finally one day we got the call if we wanted to develop our own Skydive model. We immediately had a good feeling about it and started to collect our ideas and develop them together.


What was especially important to you in your signature glasses?

When flying with the wingsuit, we sometimes reach speeds of over 180km/h - at this speed, nothing should distract. The sunglasses therefore had to be windproof and have an aerodynamic shape, but should also be able to be worn in everyday life and for other sports. The SPECT Eyewear team then equipped the glasses with polarised lenses, added rubberised contact surfaces for maximum comfort and poured all this into a stylish and ultra-light frame.


Are you satisfied with the result?

We are mega happy with the result and proud to wear our own glasses with the Skydive logo. The feedback from our community is also great and we are happy that the RAZE glasses are so popular.

The limited Skydive Team Signature goggles are now available in two colours.

Skydive Team Signature Goggles